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Big news from Wix today as it enters the headless game. The leading global SaaS platform for creating, managing, and growing online presence just announced the launch of Wix Headless, which enables developers to implement Wix's array of business solutions in new ways.

With Wix Headless, users can leverage composable APIs and software development kit (SDK) with any tech stack across different platforms and devices. Developers can use a variety of Wix Business Solutions that can all be accessed from the SDK and managed from within Wix's comprehensive management platform. These APIs are in sync and can be used out of the box with Wix's additional solutions, such as contacts and checkout.

"Wix Headless enables developers to use Wix in ways that weren't previously possible, from scaling their online presences to managing multiple complex projects in one place," said Shahar Talmi, GM Developer Platform at Wix. "We're constantly advancing our business solutions on Wix, and by providing developers  access to these APIs, with the ability to incorporate them into projects built on other platforms, we're accelerating the endless possibilities presented in the web development industry." 

New framework options and integrations

Wix Headless opens the door for using Wix Business Solutions with leading web frameworks, including React, Vue, Svelte, Qwik, and others – enabling more partnerships with leading full-stack solutions.

Netlify is the first platform to partner with Wix in offering a quick start integration with Wix's BookingsEventseCommerceCMS, and Pricing Plans APIs. Some of the capabilities of these APIs include booking services for classes, courses, appointments, and subscriptions, managing events to create RSVPs, guest lists, selling tickets, and operating eCommerce businesses.

Wix has worked to develop products that enable more capabilities within the Wix platform. These tools include Velo, which allows developers to use custom code, and Wix Blocks – which enables the creation of highly customizable and reusable applications and widgets. It also includes the recent beta launch of Codux, enabling designers to work directly on React code.

The launch of Wix Headless marks the first time the company is opening the backend to work outside the Wix platform, creating an even more robust portfolio of developer-centric solutions that enable easier scalability, more customization, and faster delivery of projects.

What can users expect?

According to the company's press release, Wix Headless will enable developers to:

  • Create custom solutions: Using APIs to access and manage business data in Wix's platform, developers can create custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with Wix Business Solutions, even if their delivery layer, site or app is not on Wix.
  • Multiple lines of business from one dashboard: Utilize Wix Business Solution APIs that are all integrated with Payments by Wix and can all be managed within the Wix dashboard.
  • Power multiple front-ends: Maximize how customers interact with a business by connecting multiple clients to a single Wix backend. For example, multiple websites, a mobile app, and a smartwatch app can all offer services for the same Wix backend business.
  • Connect additional sites or apps to existing projects on Wix: Developers with an operational Wix site can take advantage of the headless functionality without starting from scratch by keeping their existing Wix site and adding new sites or apps that access and service the same business.
  • Take advantage of a global payments infrastructure: Streamline payments with Payments by Wix to accept payments worldwide. Through Wix's provider platform, developers can connect to payment providers located in South AmericaNorth AmericaEurope, and more, without integrating multiple payment gateways.

Find out more information about Wix Headless here.

About Wix

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