Weebly 4 is out and brings lots of changes to the popular website builder

By Mike Johnston September 23, 2016 News & Headlines

Weebly has announced the 4th release of their popular website builder. Some of the highlights of this release include reimagined headers, video backgrounds, specialized layouts, even more templates and tons more.

Here's a quick video showcasing some of the new things in Weebly 4:

From an eCommerce perspective, Weebly 4 brings some new changes such as:

  • Reimagined customizable eCommerce storefront allows you to drag and drop products and categories anywhere on your site to drive sales.
  • The automatic tax calculator saves time with one-click tax rates for the entire US, guidance for international rates, plus provides the ability to set taxes by region, price, or manually.
  • Get the best real-time shipping rates across carriers to save you and your customers money.
  • Drive new sales with site-branded, digital gift cards and custom coupon codes.

There are also some interesting marketing based additions such as:

  • Unprecedented level of integration between your site, store, and email marketing. Just drag and drop your site content directly into an email and share it across social media.
  • Weebly Exclusive: Get smart email suggestions. Add a coupon, product, or category and Weebly 4 auto-creates an email that is ready to send to customers.
  • Recover abandoned carts with an automatic email sent at exactly the right time to land the sale.
  • Weebly Exclusive: Full funnel analytics & insights to track campaign impact with the first email-to-sales insights from your Weebly dashboard.
  • Expert guides help you go beyond...a complete sellers handbook to help you sell more and an SEO guide to help you get found online.

Learn more or get started by building your free website with Weebly.

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