Webydo Unveils Pixel Perfect Responsive Editor

Webydo, a popular code-free website builder, has presented its new “Pixel Perfect Responsive Editor” to its users. As the name suggests, it has been built to look great and work well across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

With a user base of over 110,000, Webydo claim that this new feature release is in response to requests received from their community of designers and website building agencies.

Let's take a closer look at what this new feature is all about.


Responsive Design Down to the Pixel

Having a responsive website is critical in today's multi-screen society.

Webydo’s Pixel-Perfect Responsive Editor aims to give designers the ability to see their work across a wide range of devices, giving them complete control over the layout of those web page down to the pixel.

Webydo's Co-Founder and CEO explains further:

“Following our designer community request, we’ve developed a Pixel-Perfect Responsive Editor that allows designers to scale and adopt the design of their clients’ sites without writing code and with full control over every site element’s position down to the pixel. Using our code-free pixel-perfect responsive editor, designers can now make sure their sites will shine on any screens available today or in the future.”

This new editor now sits alongside Webydo's other flagship features, including; SEO management tools, eCommerce capabilities, and the ability to add parallax scrolling features — all without needing to touch any code.

To learn more about Webydo, visit their website.

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