Webnodes AS releases version 3.5 of their unique semantic CMS

Webnodes AS, a company developing an ASP.NET based semantic content management system, today announced the release of version 3.5 of their CMS. The new release improves the system in a number of key areas.

Improvements in the semantic definitions module
The semantic definitions module enable a user to define a semantic ontology. When the ontology has been created, the system creates an object model that reflects the ontology defined. The semantic content is then accessed using the built-in ORM. In this new version of the CMS, the module has been thoroughly updated making it much easier to use, while adding a number of powerful features.

E-commerce module
This is the first version of Webnodes CMS that includes the long-awaited e-commerce module. You will now be able to benefit from the semantic content technology in the core framework when creating your e-commerce sites. One of the core design goals behind the e-commerce module (and Webnodes CMS in general) is scalability. The module is designed to work for both small web shops and large e-commerce sites, meaning that it must be quick and easy to use for small projects, but also flexible and extensible enough to work well for more complex needs.

Content links mini viewer.
When building websites with semantic content, the structure of a site is not only hierarchical, as in most traditional websites, but the content forms a semantic network, with many different relations between the different content elements. In this new version, a small content links viewer is displayed in the main content module to give editors a better overview of what the current content node is related to, without opening the full content links browser.

Rounded corners and borders on images
Webnodes CMS already has an industry leading image handling technology built into the system, but this release includes a number of useful additions and improvements. Rounded corners can now be applied to images for a fraction of the effort normally required. The image handling engine can now also add borders to images.

“This release contains a number of improvements that both end-users and our implementation partners will benefit from”, said Ole Gulbrandsen, CTO of Webnodes. “We’re experiencing a lot of interest in our semantic content technology at the moment. I believe this release will only increase the interest in our products.”

About Webnodes CMS
Webnodes CMS is a unique ASP.NET based web content management system that supports semantic content. The CMS is based on Webnodes’ 10 years of experience developing advanced web content management systems.