Webiny Cloud Service and CMS for Travel Agencies is Launched

Do you run a travel agency? Looking for a CMS that provides an integrated booking system with tons of other features? You are in luck.  Webiny just released their cloud service for their Content Management System and Booking System for Travel Agencies. Following closed development and testing on selected clients, Webiny is now available for everyone in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

Webiny offers out-of-the-box products to create web portals and websites with Webiny Content Management System or travel websites with Webiny Booking System. Besides of ready-made products, Webiny enables custom development of web applications, which will enable developers and designers to create custom experience for any website.

“We’ve seen the need for advanced web application for Content Management and Booking System. Currently, most of the travel agency software available has limitations, either in price (higher upfront price) or in integration with other web applications such as Content Management Systems or Email Marketing software” says Goran Candrlic, cofounder, and continues: “We’ve worked in online travel for quite some time now and we’ve seen the needs of travel agencies in providing top-of-the-line websites. Current solutions are either too complex to use or too hard to implement and integrate. We move it to web and integrate with other products in our portfolio (such as Content Management, Banner Management or Email Marketing Suite).”

“We’ve developed everything from scratch as we wanted to have full control of how our application works.” says Sven Al Hamad, founder and CTO. He continues: “Our architecture and workflows enable us to grow and scale rapidly. We’ve also included backup procedures, caching mechanisms and have tighten up security, so business users can rest assured that their databases and client data are secured.”

Webiny uses SaaS model to provide great software at a smaller price, and other top benefits for end-users are included business workflows and process automation. Target market are all business that want stable, scalable and secured environment for their websites, travel sites and custom web applications.


“We believe SaaS is the future that has already started. All recent market research shows that cloud software is on the rise in both demand and offer, so we’ve jumped to that bandwagon. Who can say otherwise when companies such as Google and Microsoft invest heavily into SaaS. Our goals include further development of the platform, development of the future Webiny products such as eCommerce and CRM and formation of community of developers and designers that would use the technology to produce even better web applications and services.” concludes Sven Al Hamad.