VYRE On Brand 2.4 Brings Advanced Reporting, Extended Tablet and Mobile Device  and More

VYRE has released a new version of it's Brand Asset Management (BAM) solution. This SaaS based system brings advanced reporting features, better tablet and mobile device support, steamlined UI enhancements, better documentation and help guides, video guides and much more.

HTML5 Video

The solution now has wider mobile and device support for HTML5 video. On Brand was built from the ground up to provide complete support for managing digital content from all mobile devices. In this latest release we’ve enhanced this to include the ability to play video and audio on all major browsers regardless of device. As iOS and Android based devices are increasing in popularity your users need to know that managing, enriching and sharing of all digital assets including audio and video is simple and pain free.

Creative Workflow

A number of user interface and functionality improvements have been carried on the Creative Workflow module. These include: increased admin rights for administering projects, adding users to projects is now filtered by brand, links to user profiles from project members and the ability to upload revisions by a member no longer needs to be requested. Project overviews, activity listings, brief management, viewing and filtering of all projects have all been improved to allow users to manage their projects more effectively.

Multi-brand Enhancements

On Brand now provides further support for managing brands within a single instance. Sub domains can now be created and managed within the solution to allow for multi-tenanted options for clients and partners. The system provides for the ability to add for example http://brandname.company.com for each brand, product or client. On Brand provides features that allow for quickly creating a complete sub brand including individual brand users, assets, articles, taxonomy and permissions. This existed prior to 2.4 but with this latest release the management of each sub brand or client is further automated and simplified. We can now offer clients single branded On Brand, multi brand and tailored On Brand with varying levels of integration and customization for each..

Training & Help

The On Brand solution was designed to be intuitive and simple to use. We have throughout it’s development added design features to aid and guide users such as tooltips and other elements. In the latest version of the solution we have added a complete online help site. The help site provides short videos and text on how to use the system. Short video guides are provided for each area of the system to ensure users get the most out of On Brand. From basic navigation, searching for assets right through to creating projects and approvals users can get help straight away in a friendly visual format.


Website: http://vyre.com