Vigilance Pro Review

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Vigilance Pro Review

I'm a big fan of minimalist themes with nice typography and Vigilance Pro by the Theme Foundry is one of my personal favorites. I wanted to take a minute to show everyone the features and look of this theme in this quick Vigilance Pro Review.

There are two different options available, Vigilance (free) and Vigilance Pro. While the free option may be a good option for some people, the Pro provides much better feature such as:

  • HTML 5
  • WordPress 3 menu support
  • Theme tutorials
  • Support forum access
  • Theme options panel
  • Alert Box
  • Twitter Feed integration
  • Custom Page Templates

With all of the options turned on, this is the default look of the site:

Vigilance Pro Review

Let's take a look at the theme options in the WordPress dashboard.

Vigilance Pro Review

Under the custom logo section, you can upload your own logo and add alt tags and tagline:

Vigilance Pro Review

Colors can be customized from the Color Options panel:

Vigilance Pro Review

You can also add a Top Banner image which will show in this location.

Vigilance Pro Review

There are a number of options, such as rotating through a group of images in a directory, etc. This can be configured on this section of the option page:

Vigilance Pro Review

Next down is the configuration of the Alert box. This is a small, shaded box that appears above all of your posts and is a great location to pass on some info about a new contest, giveaways or general info that you need to pass to your readers.

Vigilance Pro Review

As you can see in the first screenshot in this post, there is also a sidebar image shown (this can be used for anything from banner ads to just pictures in general.

The configuration for this is similar to the top banner image. You can use static, rotating images and more:

Vigilance Pro Review

Last but not least, there is a box that goes on the sidebar and can be used for as an RSS sign up and contains a twitter link. This can be configured in the theme options as well.

Vigilance Pro also comes with a number of unique page templates such as the Archive Page, Sitemap Page and Page templates with or without sidebars.

Visually, Vigilance Pro is an excellent theme with very well done typography and styling. For example, block quotes are well done and attractive:

Vigilance Pro Review

For those of you who are looking for a slick theme with nice typography for a reasonable price, Vigilance Pro is an excellent option and I highly recommend it. Clean code, HTML 5 functionality and an easy to use theme options page make this is a great choice for bloggers and business users alike.

You can buy your copy today here – Vigilance Pro

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