Version 1.1.4 of the Open Source, Enterprise Wiki, Foswiki has been released

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This release of Foswiki comes with quite some new features and more than 160 crunched bugs relative to the previous release. Here are some highlights:

  • Preference variables can take parameters now. This allows to build very powerful macro shortcuts to ease the life of your content editors.
  • JQueryPlugin had a major release in its own allowing new possibilities for smart user interaction for the application developer.
  • There’s a new custom-made jQuery-ui theme providing a decent look&feel for enterprise use.
  • SpreadSheetPlugin has been enhanced with new functions.
  • Significant enhancements were made to the Foswiki email implementation. These changes increase compatibility with email services like Google’s gmail, adding support for SMTP over SSL as well as S/MIME signed mail.

Read up all the details on the full release notes.


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