Umbraco Apps Launches with ‘Best of Breed’ Extensions for Open Source Content Management System

Umbraco Apps launched today at, offering web developers and content editors easy access to “best of breed” extended features and functionalities for the open source Umbraco content management system (CMS). The new online catalog of Umbraco-compatible extensions—both free and fee-based—provides third-party software that has been selected as the best among the 1000+ available from Umbraco’s vast and active community of independent developers and commercial technology partners.

Umbraco Apps demonstrates the versatility of the “Friendly CMS,” which gives developers the flexibility and freedom to build websites, apps and other solutions with the look and features they want, while enabling editors and content creators to easily and quickly get content in front of their customers.

“We believe in a ‘best of breed’ strategy, so as a company, Umbraco focuses on making our
CMS the easiest and friendliest available for developers, content editors and end-users alike,” said Niels Hartvig, founder and chief unicorn, Umbraco. “At the same time, we recognize that many end-users want additional capabilities such as e-commerce and personalization solutions built into their sites, so we embrace third-party software that adds these features to Umbraco. While Umbraco can do much on its own, adding functionality from one or more of our trusted partners gives users the ability to accomplish even more tasks so they can get exactly what they want from their websites.”

Umbraco Apps starts with 20 extensions offering capabilities such as analytics, translations, e-commerce, personalization, Intranet, SEO, communications and social media. Several dozen more apps will be added to Umbraco Apps over the next few months.

“While other companies boast thousands of extensions, this makes it incredibly difficult for end users to pick the right one for them; and in any case, a good number of those may be
outdated, redundant, and unsecure,” Hartvig added. “While more than 1000 solution providers have built Umbraco-compatible solutions, we are limiting Umbraco Apps to those that meet a certain quality standard, with documentation, so end-users can trust they’re getting real value.”

Umbraco Apps will be available as “Community Apps,” extensions created by the community and offered without cost or product support, and “Premium Apps,” which are created by the community or third-party technology companies, offer professional support and have a commercial purpose, with some requiring a fee.

Become an Umbraco App Partner

In addition to providing easy access to the Umbraco Apps, the catalog opens a new promotion channel for the featured apps and their providers. Companies interested in submitting their own solution to become an official Umbraco App Partner must have a solution that:
* Completes a task or solves a problem for an Umbraco end-user.
* Is not provided “out of the box” with the core CMS.
* Is compatible with one of the latest versions (3 minor) of Umbraco CMS, ideally also
Umbraco Cloud.
* Offers user-friendly documentation.

More details on requirements can be found here:

About Umbraco

Umbraco is an open source CMS built on the Microsoft .NET platform. Often referred to as the “Friendly CMS,” Umbraco gives developers the flexibility and freedom to build website, apps and other solutions with the look and features they want, while enabling editors and content creators to easily and quickly get content in front of their customers. Created in 2005 by Danish developer Niels Hartvig, Umbraco also offers the Umbraco Cloud, providing all-in-one Azure hosting and predictability in cost, performance and time. More Than 500,000 websites run live on Umbraco CMS and the Umbraco Cloud, supported by more than 220,000 very active Umbraco community members.  For more information, visit