Umbraco 6.1.4 Released

A new release of Umbraco CMS has been made available. Version 6.1.4 is primarily a bug fix but also includes some performance enhancements.

For those who are interested, the full release log can be found here:

From the announcement:

There is one config change between 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 (assembly redirect for HtmlAgilityPack in the web.config). If you're upgrading from a different version make sure to do a merge (use WinMerge for example) of all of the config files, especially the web.config.

A little bonus for the NuGet lovers out there: If you are using the Publish-feature in Visual Studio you should be happy to know that we now have a build script included that makes sure to copy the umbraco and umbraco_client folders (which are not included in the Visual Studio solution) to the deploy package or file system.

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