Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Review

The Ubuntu MATE team have announced the release of Ubuntu MATE 16.10. Normally, point releases such as this don't offer massive changes but in this particular case, there are some huge changes in this release.

Ubuntu MATE 16.10 have completely migrated the platform to GTK 3+ half a year early thanks to the financial support of the community. According to the press release, Ubuntu MATE is the first major distribution to ship a full GTK3+ implementation of the MATE desktop, which is excellent news for the distro hopper community and those who love MATE.


I've always been a big fan of the MATE desktop myself, I think the development team behind Ubuntu MATE have done an excellent job with small details such as the excellent “Welcome” screen that comes up once installed and guides you through software selection via Software Boutique. It feels like a very solid release.

I'm actually running Ubuntu MATE 16.10 right now as I write this article:

I've been running it since it's release yesterday and haven't encountered any issues as of yet. This release also features the 1.16 release of the MATE desktop which is the latest release.

Grab your copy of Ubuntu MATE today.

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