Typo3 CMS sees new release

The Typo3 team have announced the 4.3 release of their popular enterprise content management system. Typo3 has been downloaded 4.1 million times to date which makes it an incredibly popular choice for those looking for a reputable and highly adaptable content management system for the enterprise.

A brief look at the features:

  • Using “drag & drop”, content elements can be moved or deleted, lightbox-based editing takes place directly on the page, and the entire page no longer needs to be reloaded when you use AJaX-technology to
    save changes.
  • The two extensions “Extbase” and “Fluid” smooth the way for a carefree migration to TYPO3 version 5.
  • “Salted MD5 Hashes” for password storage makes unauthorised decryption nearly impossible. At the same time this function can be used transparently in custom extensions. Sensitive data can be transferred over a secure channel using RSA authentication even if the website does not support HTTPS. Furthermore, authentication of frontend and backend users is now optionally possible over OpenID.
  • A Flash uploader allows simultaneous uploading of multiple files.
  • Automatic code completion and an integrated documentation with intelligent as-you-type suggestions have been added to the TypoScript Editor, t3editor.
  • Backend developers can now also use conditions in TSconfig.
  • plus many more.

Full details can be found on the Typo3 website.