Two New Lists added to our Product Directories

I'm always working hard to find ways to improve the site and with that in mind, I've added two new lists to our product directories / software lists page.

First off is our list of social networking software. I get a lot of emails from users who are in the market for these types of products and this led me to create this list. Within, you will find a curated list of what I consider to be the best options in this area. I hope you'll find it useful.

The second list is for those looking for a website builder. There are plenty of them to be found online but I've chosen to curate a list of the ones I've tested and deemed to be good offerings. As always, I am striving to bring you reviews of as many pieces of software as possible and I've identified within the lists which ones I've reviewed. I will continue to update the lists with new products as the testing progresses.

I hope you find these lists useful. If there's a list you know of that would be of value, please let us know.