Top 5 Best New Mobile Apps on the Market

The mobile application market is moving faster today than it ever has. With the surge in popularity of not only mobile broadband, but in other wireless 4G service like Clear Internet plans, applications are becoming an even more integral part of how we use online services. Here are 5 popular new apps to try.

AdHawk (iOS)

The presidential election is less than two months away. You know what that means – an onslaught of political ads from each candidate and his supporters. The problem with some ads is that they aren't necessarily approved or endorsed by each candidate, and thus can be unreliable or sketchy. With AdHawk, you can find out where questionable political ads are coming from and learn who's sponsoring them.

Fancy (Android)

If you love Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, you probably have a ton of posts and photos you've favorited and tagged. With Fancy, you don't just have to gaze at photos wondering where such a unique widget or knick-knack came from. Fancy lets you buy your favorite stuff with real-world cash.

Slices (iOS, Android)

Have you used Twitter lately? Depending on how people you're following and how many lists you have, browsing the Twitter app can seem like an information overload. Slices is true to its name – it slices Twitter into categories so you can follow live events and get the news that matters to you. With Slices, Twitter is easier to browse and more enjoyable to use.

Untappd (iOS, Android)

This app was developed with both the social networker and beer lover in mind. Untappd is a social network that centers around your favorite brews. Add friends, check-in to pubs and bars and create a “tab” that lists the beers you've tried and how you've rated them.

Food Network On the Road (iOS)

If you're a fan of Food Network's road trip shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, you might like an app that points you to the dining establishments in the TV shows. With the Food Network On the Road app, you can browse Food Network's featured restaurants, see nearby dining possibilities or find specific restaurants by category.