Learn to Code With ThemeForest Short Courses

ThemeForest is no longer just a great place to find website themes. They now have a dedicated section for courses where expert developers can share their web design wisdom.

Envato, the company behind ThemeForest (as well as CodeCanyon, PhotoDune, and others) has decided to open this new section to promote some of the material they offer over at TutsPlus.

TutsPlus is Envato's hub of short courses for budding developers, and as of right now, there are 85 of their short courses available on Themeforest. All sale for just $5 each.

But that's not the exciting part.

Beyond Code

Although the courses provided by TutsPlus seem beneficial, you can expect to see a lot more content in coming weeks and months as more experts publish their tutorials.

As a result of this move, ThemeForest users will be buying something other than just code for the first time. Instead, they'll be purchasing the guides that can teach them how to build their very own themes and plugins.

For now, only two sections exist; code and web design. But that's another areas that you can expect to expand.


Personally, I think this could be a more focused, and potentially cheaper alternative to online code courses, which typically take a more generic approach to learning code, and also cost a pretty penny.

For example, one existing course is titled, “Get Started With Django”, while another is called, “Build a CMS With ASP.NET and Git”. Both sell for just $5.

It all looks like a potential gold mine for aspiring developers, so I hope the content starts to really flow before too long.

A Winning Formula

For Envato, this is a win-win.

Existing web developers can sell their tutorials on ThemeForest, which in turn will breed more web developers who – you guessed it – can then sell their wares on ThemeForest.

Essentially, they're turning consumers into vendors (who will in turn provide more content for other consumers) in a rather ingenious way.

To get your hands on a short course, check out ThemeForest.