The second beta of Drupal 7 has been made available

The Drupal development team have announced the second beta of Drupal 7. This release includes:

This release includes:

  • Better error trapping during installation and upgrade for various incompatible systems, based on error reports from folks newly trying out Drupal 7 on various environments. We think we've caught all the ones we have so far, but please keep the reports coming!
  • Better support for exportables in the form of a new Form API type “machine_name” and format IDs stored as strings rather than integers.
  • Links can now participate in the D7 AJAX framework, which was previously limited to forms.
  • Raised minimum version of PHP to PHP 5.2.4, to facilitate stream wrapper security.
  • Numerous tweaks to basic navigation in the default profile, to prevent information overload.
  • Fixed a regression in Schema API that prevented modules such as Date from adding to the column types supported by core.
  • Profile module no longer shows up on the module listing on new sites, in favour of fieldable user entities.
  • Fixing of numerous Bartik and Seven theme style & RTL bugs. There are still lots more, so please help get Drupal 7's new look and feel as polished as possible!

For a full list of improvements between Drupal 6 and 7 see here: