The Goal of B2B Marketer

The primary goal of a B2B marketer is to drive qualified leads to sales.

Success is measured by the pipeline (i.e. new business opportunity count and opportunity dollar amount) generated by marketing and advertising programs. No matter the campaign or technique (e.g. SEO, paid, earn and shared media, email nurturing), content sits at the center of the B2B marketer’s world. It is content that determines which brands and products are discovered by potential customers.

Content is the Heart of Marketing

Content is at the heart of the B2B marketer’s journey.

A recent report from Forrester Research sums it up well:

“Content is the soul of digital experiences. One billion websites blanket the world and the soul of every one of them is made manifest by content.”

As a result, creating, managing and publishing content requires a Web CMS. And, the Web Content Management System is an essential tool for B2B marketers.

A Web CMS Supports B2B Marketing Success

An effective Web CMS is at the center of the inbound marketing strategy, and the elements of this framework are:

  1. CONNECT the CMS to the necessary marketing CRM systems
  2. PUBLISH content in the right formats to the right channels
  3. OPTIMIZE content for maximum effectiveness
  4. ENGAGE potential buyers to help answer their questions
  5. MEASURE & REFINE the effectiveness of your content


Best-in-class marketing teams position their Web CMS at the center of their strategy, then connect it with the essential elements of their marketing technology (“martech”) stack.

By doing so, content instrumented via the CMS can be measured and optimized. By integrating the CMS with key business systems (e.g. Customer Relationship Management system), marketers can connect content to revenue. Many Web CMS systems provide built-in integrations to martech systems.

But, it may be more efficient sometimes for marketers to integrate external solutions to perform marketing activities (e.g. Infer tech solution provides marketers with a powerfull scoring model tool). This eBook for B2B Marketers. will show you how the CMS serves as the foundation for B2B marketing success. has


If content is at the heart of the B2B buyer’s journey, then publishing content is the heartbeat. It’s harder than ever to gain the attention of a B2B buyer: they install ad blockers in their browsers, opt out of emails and no longer answer the phone. When you interrupt their flow via outbound marketing campaigns, they’re less likely to respond.

The solution? Inbound marketing, which involves the consistent publishing of valuable content to your site, by way of your Web CMS. With inbound marketing, you publish content that addresses the challenges faced by your target audience. While researching a solution to their needs, they’ll visit search engines and find your content in search results.

Web CMS should facilitates the implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices., attracting more qualified visitors who are actively searching for your content.


Beyond managing and publishing content, Web CMS systems can optimize content to drive meaningful results.

Here are two examples of optimization: Search Engine Optimization and mobile friendly content. Increasing traffic via SEO is critical. Each month, internet users make 10.3 billion Google searches.

This is why your CMS should be adept at handling Search engine optimization (SEO), because organic search is one of the most crucial components of generating leads. Your CMS must provide key SEO capabilities such as Tags management (title and description), facilitate links to internal pages on your site, and use a permalink structure that includes keywords…


To complement your inbound marketing strategy, a Web CMS provides capabilities to enhance visitor engagement.

Let’s consider how a CMS can personalize the visitor experience, and encourage interaction with other visitors via user-generated content (UGC). Increasing visitor engagement via personalization is critical.

A study from Janrain found that 74% of online customers were frustrated when websites offered up content that had nothing to do with their interests. Thus, a good Web CMS can leverage known data about visitors to create a personalized experience. Personalization can provide visitors with more relevant content, and give them the feeling that “this site knows just what I want.”

Measure & Refine

As we covered earlier, B2B marketers are well served by connecting elements of their marketing technology stack to their Web CMS:

  • Web Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Automation Platform
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • Multi-channels Attribution

There are a number of dimensions from which marketers can measure results and optimize their marketing acytivities.

As a starting point, we recommend the the implementation of multi-channels attribution model to perform marketing acquisition and identify programs that generate the best leads. With multi-channel acquisition attribution model, you can assess, in real-time, the programs (i.e. channel) and content driving metrics such as leads, opportunities and revenue.

Bizible, for instance, offers an interesting solution that helps B2B marketers measure marketing impact on revenue. They propose advanced multi-touch channels attribution so you can give credit where it's due. You can optimize everything from keywords to conferences based on revenue, and understand ROI from paid search, content, events, and more…

The Evoq CMS From DNN

EVOQ CMS from DNN helps you achieve B2B marketing success. Our Web CMS solution helps B2B marketers deliver engaging, customer-centric web experiences, and use our content management products to create a personalized experience for every customer. Our industry-leading .NET CMS provides a fantastic page and content editing experience. In addition, it includes built-in integrations to the systems you're already using. With EVOQ you:

  • Connect the essential elements of your marketing technology stack
  • Publish content that’s discovered and consumed by your target audience
  • Optimize your content for maximum effectiveness on every channel
  • Engage with your audience via personalization and user-generated content
  • Measure and refine your content and campaigns to drive higher results at a lower cost

DNN provide a suite of solutions for creating rich, rewarding online experiences for customers, partners, and employees. DNN products and technology are the foundation for 750,000+ websites worldwide. In addition to our commercial CMS and social community solutions, DNN is the steward of the DNN Platform Open Source Project.

To learn more about B2B Marketing or/and EVOQ Web CMS solution Contact Us at DNN and we will help you achieve your business goal.