The first release candidate for WordPress 5.0 is now available (and sadly it brings Gutenberg with it).

The latest beta of the upcoming WordPress 5.0 release is now available for testing.

The upcoming 5.0 release brings with it the terrible Gutenberg editor that Automattic feels they need to try to cram down the throats of WordPress users everywhere.

Fear the Gutenberg!

This editor basically takes normal tasks that were / have been easy to perform and adds unnecessary extra steps in an attempt to make WordPress' editor look more like that of Squarespace (not that theirs is terrible but it's definitely not as easy as the existing WP one.

If you want to hear real world experiences with Gutenberg, just look at how many bad reviews are coming in daily over at the WordPress plugin database:

In a nutshell, it's full of bugs and really ticking off users:

If you type, you have to wait for ages just to see it appear on screen.
If you delete, you have to wait at least 2 seconds for it to go away.
If you highlight, you have to hold your mouse button down for like 5 seconds at the place you want to highlight to until the highlight actually appears so you can release.

The response from the Gutenberg team to this review was “it's a known bug” however this is just ONE of a huge number of complaints about the editor.

To perform a simple task such as using bold, what was once a single click process has been turned into a two to three click one, reducing productivity of users by a large margin for what should be a simple task.

To give you an idea, here's how the editor looks when editing a post:

In the above example, I wanted to show you the process to get to bold. It shows up like this with a bunch of expandable categories and a search. Want to bold your text? Well to make that intuitive, we've made it harder for you to find the bold button! Now you get to search for it in a menu instead of just clicking on it.

Sense my annoyance in this post? That's the intention. I don't understand how a company so focused on ease of use and intuitiveness can stray so far from them.

Can you keep the classic editor?

Yes, you can. Thankfully the WP team is smart enough to include it as an installable plugin so that you don't have to be forced to use Gutenberg and for those who are currently on WordPress, I'd recommend installing and activating it now to prevent Gutenberg from taking over when WordPress 5.0 comes along.

For those who want to try this beast out, you can actually install the Gutenberg editor on your blog now (as a plugin) but I'm not sure why you'd want to do that. The best bet, test it in a dev environment  first and make your decision. Fortunately, you can still use the classic editor even when this 5.0 release hits so you won't be stranded in a desert full of frustration.

Wanna learn more? Go here:

For those who are tired of this and want to just be able to write a blog post without the mess, try one of these great WordPress alternatives instead:

Good luck out there!