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Textpattern 4.20 released?

It's official. Textpattern CMS 4.20 is available.

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Although not announced yet, download links on the Textpattern website now point to a 4.20 release.

We're not sure if this is an intentional change or an official release yet but in an attempt to download the 4.08 release we noticed that the links now point to what appears to be an official 4.20 release of this open source content management system.

Textpattern 4.20 introduces some very cool admin theming functionality which, while it has been present in the past, appears to be much easier to use and there are already a number of interesting themes cropping up on Textgarden.

We're testing out this version as we type this to see what has changed and if it is indeed official, we expect to see an announcement from the Textpattern team soon.

CMS & Marketing / Textpattern 4.20 released?Last updated on January 5, 2019
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