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CMS Critic Staff

By CMS Critic Staff

January 10, 2023

Yesterday, the MACH Alliance announced that Google Cloud will join its ranks as a MACH Enabler, becoming the latest addition to the organization's fast-growing community of composable platforms.  Google Cloud will play an important role as a foundational cloud and infrastructure provider alongside other Enabler members, including Netlify, Mongo DB, Vercel, Webscale, and Amazon Web... Read More →

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Paris Tuzun

By Paris Tuzun

February 23, 2022

In its early days, the Cloud was focused on helping businesses scale their capacity and trade CapEx for OpEx. Now, it's helping organizations leverage advanced services like AI and machine learning that enhance optimization and personalization. On that note: Optimizely, a leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with... Read More →

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