Symphony CMS 2.1.1 has been released

Symphony is a powerful and versatile XSLT-powered open source content management system. We recently reviewed this great CMS, you can read the review here: Symphony CMS Review.

They just announced a new release of Symphony CMS, version 2.1.1. Highlights of this release include:

Bug Fixes

  • #341: Clarify copy on limits in DS editor.
  • #374: Fixes Random sorting bug.
  • #375: If the appendFormattedElement() function gets NULL data, it will return before attempting to create an XMLElement object.
  • #375: Using isfile() instead of fileexists(), as the later returns true if the path is a directory or file.
  • #376: Section editor menu-hiding copy tweak.
  • #379: Initialising ExtensionManager before calling isLoggedIn(). This prevents fatal error thrown when trying to set authors non-english language preference.
  • #380: Removing a file now works as expected.
  • #381: Don’t overwrite file when page is a duplicate.
  • #385: Fixed logic in Session class, which was faulty and caused regular logout.
  • #387: Changed length of ‘validator’ fields for Input, Taglist and Upload fields to 255 instead of 50.
  • #389: Fixed event manager. Was incorrectly assigning the event source to a variable ‘type’. This has been renamed to ‘source’.
  • Tweaked updater so it would not keep adding ‘-Indexes’ to the htaccess Options.
  • Fixed rewrite base issue on windows. Also fixes logout issues on windows.

Minor Updates

  • This tweak allows the DS editor to keep custom sort values, instead of forcing ‘asc’, ‘desc’ or ‘random’. This is handy if you want to use dynamic values. E.G. {$order:asc} and still be able to edit the DS via the admin interface. The custom value will show as an item in the select box. So long as it is not changed, the value will persist.
  • Added ‘image/pjpeg’ to the list of image mime types.

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