Surreal CMS: a Straightforward Platform With a Friendly Face

Sometimes a seemingly simple CMS is only simple when it comes to the simple stuff.

But when it comes to actually modifying front-end elements and responding to mobile devices and third-party tools, many fall short in their simplicity.

Surreal CMS, however, is aiming to be one of the few exceptions.

Their user-friendly ethos seems to emanate from every feature, with usability in mind for an experience that is trying to be, well – simple.

Inline Editing & Touch-friendly UI

Surreal CMS is geared towards users looking for a straightforward content management system, and it illustrates this brilliantly with an invitation for visitors to edit some text on their homepage.

Surreal CMS Inline Editing
This inline editing feature found within Surreal CMS is perfect for those who are new to website design and modification. After all, pointing, clicking, editing and saving just makes a whole lot of sense.

The friendly website editing doesn't stop there though. Surreal CMS boasts a responsive, touch-friendly UI, allowing users to make changes to their web pages from tablet and mobile devices.

Surreal CMS Responsive

Multi-site Management, Easy Integration Options & More

Surreal CMS has more to offer than just a pretty face though. There's also a fair bit of functionality and flexibility to be found.

For example, the platform allows you to manage a number of sites from one place, even if you have multiple hosting providers.

Surreal CMS Site Manager
Furthermore, Surreal CMS can connect to any site using FTP, SFTP, and even Amazon S3. That means there is no need to make special arrangements to accommodate the platform. It just works.

Additional features include built-in analytics, photo galleries, file management, and more. To dig a little deeper, take a quick look at their features page.

A CMS With a Friendly Face

One other thing I noticed about Surreal CMS, is its friendliness. Not only was it presenting features which almost anybody can make use of, but it did it with some charm – and that's worth praise.

Far too many content management systems get lost in their jargon and sleek website design to offer up any personality. Surreal CMS on the other hand, keeps it cool and casual.

Just check out their prices page for example. Their platform is an ideal solution for website designers looking to streamline their tasks and earn via a platformlike Surreal, and so Surreal CMS go out of their way to explain how best to do this.

Surreal CMS Pricing
Their website layout, copy and even the green Alien mascot found throughout their imagery and icons helps to maintain a friendly, helpful atmosphere. They even offer up a discount to non-profit organizations.

Surreal CMS Offer

To find out more about Surreal CMS, check out their official website.

Additionally, explore some more of the features on offer from Surreal CMS via our CMS Directory.