SubHub Launches World's First Drupal-Powered App Store

1 min read today launched its new Drupal 7-based Content Monetization Platform (CMP), featuring the world’s first Drupal-powered app store.

SubHub's new CMP enables anyone to design and launch a content website in under five minutes, and make money from their content by incorporating optional apps such as paid membership.

The app store — the first of its kind for Drupal modules — enables website owners to add functionality simply by selecting an app and adding it to their SubHub website. Initial apps include MailChimp, Google Analytics, content feeds and YouTube. Some of the apps are free (e.g. Google Analytics) and some of them will carry a small recurring charge (e.g. paid membership functionality).

Any developer can submit an app to the SubHub app store to be made available to SubHub’s growing network of website owners. New apps will be added regularly. SubHub will share revenues with the app developer.

We have two core objectives. First we want to give non-technical people the opportunity to build an outstanding website using Drupal, one of the leading open-source content management solutions,” said Evan Rudowski, co-founder of SubHub. “Second, we want to give Drupal developers the opportunity to make money from the modules they have spent hundreds of hours building.

“Our customers gain great functionality, and developers make money — it's a win all around,” Rudowski said.

About SubHub

SubHub ( provides the world's first Content Monetization Platform — a managed website platform that enables individuals and businesses to design, build and launch their own website and make money from the content they publish. Over the past six years the company has managed thousands of websites on behalf of clients around the world.

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