Squarespace Start Lets You Launch a Website In Seconds

Have you ever had an idea so exciting that you can't wait to secure its place online?

Well, Squarespace has just given you a quick way to kickstart any idea, with Squarespace Start.

Squarespace Start is an app that lets you secure a domain and create a one-page Squarespace website directly from your mobile device, so you can launch your project the second it pops into your mind.

This eighteen second video shows you everything you need to see – which is impressive in and of itself.

Squarespace Start From iOS & Android

The Squarespace Start app – which is available on the App Store and the Google Play store – is now probably the fastest way to set your next projct in motion. And I've got to admit, I'm impressed.

It's perfect for quickly announcing new products, services, projects, events, or entire businesses.

Realistically, you aren't going to be launching any long-term websites using Squarespace Start, but you can use it to set up a stunning holding page until you’re ready to build a more robust website.

Speedy Squarespace

In recent months, Squarespace has focused heavily on speeding up the time it takes for users to start a website.

First, they launched Squarespace Domains to make domain purchasing easier. Then more recently, Squarespace Layouts was unveiled to help add and modify templates faster. Squarespace Start is just another way for Squarespace users to launch websites quickly and easily.

To download Squarespace Start today, visit the App Store or Google Play Store.