Solodev CMS: Bringing Multi-site Management to Healthcare Organizations

Following an overview of Solodev CMS 8’s core features, as well as a look at its role in powering local government websites, I’m now delving into the platform’s role in the Healthcare industry.

Solodev CMS 8 is an enterprise-grade platform that has been in business since 2006. It supports hundreds of organizations and brands including; OneBlood, MobileHelp, CNL Financial Group, Springstone Hospitals, Dr. Phillips Center and the State of Florida Department of Education.

Like government, the healthcare industry is a sensitive one, and thus healthcare companies need to pay special attention to the content management systems they use to power their online presence. Let’s take a look at why Solodev CMS is such a popular choice.

Multi-site Management for Multi-faceted Companies

Today’s healthcare organizations are diverse businesses made up of multiple locations and entities. CMS platforms that can support multi-site management capabilities and allow management of all required sites from a single location offer more efficiency and streamline content management.

Solodev CMS brings a number of benefits to the table which suit Healthcare companies right down to the ground.

For example, a healthcare company with multiple branches will likely require multiple websites. Solodev allows such a company to manage all of those websites on a single platform, all from the very same installation. Thus, the company’s development and marketing teams can work from a single interface to develop and manage content.

To help manage those different teams and all their members, Solodev provides user permissions to selectively restrict access to sites, sections within sites, or even particular content.

Also, a centralized approval dashboard shows staged content across sites awaiting approval, so Editors can work through submitted content before anything goes live.

Another extremely useful dimension of Solodev CMS 8 is its website cloning ability. Perhaps the biggest benefits of website cloning within the same brand, is the enforcement of a consistent design across sites, ensuring a familiar and therefore professional presence across all websites.

In practice though, Solodev’s website cloning feature has far more benefits, as Springstone, Inc. has come to know.

Solodev & Springstone

Springstone is rapidly growing, private healthcare organization with multiple hospitals across the United States.

Springstone facilities treat patients with mental illness and substance abuse issues in underserved communities throughout North America. Springstone has plans to expand over the next few years by opening twenty new facilities – doubling its hospital count.

Each of Springstone hospitals has its own dedicated website, managed entirely from a single instance of Solodev CMS.

On top of all the benefits listed above, Solodev’s ability to clone existing websites will make Springstone’s expansion far easier, at least as far as their online presence goes. At the very least, it will grant their development team with a solid starting point to build each new site upon.

Furthermore, Solodev allows for the same piece of content or other asset to be shared across all sites – so company-wide announcements and alerts can be made far more quickly.

To explore more of Solodev CMS, check out their website