SocialEngine Review - Is it Good Enough for your Social Network?

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SocialEngine has been around for a few and we've enjoyed trying it out and seeing it develop into a more and more powerful system as the years go by. We decided to share the experience with our readers and show you the true power this system possesses. If you are looking for a system that's affordable and works well as a social networking product.. then this is definitely a very solid choice and one of the better options on the market today. It's also very reasonably priced at about $250 for a license. Let's examine it in today's SocialEngine Review

Here's how the install process looks for those interested:

SocialEngine Review

Now that you have your login information, you can proceed to the control panel and get started by playing around with it.

SocialEngine Review

Above you can see the default look of the system before you do any modifications. Let's create an account and play a bit
shall we?

SocialEngine Review

SocialEngine also has a number of plugins which can be installed and configured for use. Plugins are available for between
$30 to $50  depending on the plugin. In this case, we have all of the plugins that are not third party.

SocialEngine Review

There is some pretty amazing functionality built into SocialEngine. Let's install some of the plugins and see how they work/look.

Here is the compose screen from the blog editor. once installed, it's fully functional and works very well. Looks like it uses TinyMCE by default.

SocialEngine Review

Here is a screenshot of the classifieds section (once the module has been installed). This particular module is a great way to monetize your site as well should you choose.

SocialEngine Review

This plugin is for music uploads. One comment on it would be that it lacks an effective admin entry and there doesn't appear to be an easy way to modify the number of files or file sizes (that I could find).

SocialEngine Review

And finally, the last plugin we tested was the videos plugin. It works beautifully with Youtube and uploads.

SocialEngine Review

Overall, We'd say this is one heck of a great collection of modules and software that can be used to put together one heck of a killer social network.

It's easy to theme and easy to customize as well so you can create your own unique look without much effort. For the cost they are charging for this, you could put together an amazingly well equipped social network with very minimal effort.

The admin panel is incredibly straight forward and simple as well.

The SocialEngine team has done an outstanding job on this great product. It's no wonder it has such a large number of users.

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