SiteSupra Makes a Play for the Website Builder Market

There's no doubt that the website builder market is a hot one of late, there are plenty of great contenders such as Weebly, Squarespace and Wix.

Today, SiteSupra has announced that they are making a play for piece of the pie with the launch of their own website builder / hosted CMS.

For those unfamiliar with SiteSupra, here's a quick video highlighting some of the functionality of the CMS.

According to the release announcement, SiteSupra's goal is to target those users who think a five minute website results in a quality website by offering them a more powerful solution that is also easy to use.

According to SiteSupra CEO, Anton Sulsky;

“SiteSupra’s strength comes from its focus on the fundamentals of elegant design, powerful website features and modern mobile screen-ready, responsive implemenation. There are various creative design options out there, but we concentrate on what is most important, as the website is the most effective marketing tool a company can have.”

Here are some of the key features their website builder offers:

  1. Responsive themes. As smartphone and tablet usage grows, it is becoming even more important to have a responsive website that adapts to any screen in a professional manner. Every aspect of content, design and functionality that you add to the desktop version of the site is seamlessly and automatically scaled down for other devices, so there are no additional expenses for the mobile version.
  2. Form builder. Get to know the questions and concerns of your customers. Create forms for feedback, bookings or other purposes simply by dragging and dropping the required fields on to the page.
  3. Slideshow manager. If you have ever wanted to create an animated slideshow, but have struggled to find a reliable programmer, now you can manage animated and layered slideshows yourself – with background images and animated overlay text, videos and masks – that are fully responsive as well.
  4. Parallax animation. One of the trendiest styles currently available, this allows you to create a cool one-page scrolling site by adding a storytelling detail to an otherwise static page – available in Drava template. 

Interested in giving it  a try? Check out their website at