ShoutCMS: Can You Run a Business Website on Less than $100

ShoutCMS, this week's featured product here on CMS Critic, is packed with many built-in features for day-to-day business use including invoicing, eCommerce, mass mail, integrated email management, contact database and content management.

The Sum of All Parts

ShoutCMS is looking to bridge the gap between the all-inclusive, feature-ridden, flagship CMS solutions and those of the popular web-builders that have dominated the market.

There is a gap in the market right now that ShoutCMS is looking to fill, one that in many cases is addressed by configuring multiple solutions together instead of a single application that does a range of tasks.

For developers, who have their trusty kit of plug-ins or through tying together multiple applications, putting together a low-cost business savvy solution is attainable, but at a price.

Typically, this isn’t an elegant solution as all of these different pieces must be kept up-to-date and integrated via APIs or custom-software. You are now in the business of providing a service to your customer to manage this risk and keep your solution running.

Using a multi-application approach can lead to a higher cost of total ownership for the client, who in the end, is paying for many services instead a single system. For small teams in web design or marketing, they are also incur development and staffing costs to keep hybrid solutions running.

To make it easier and more affordable to run a business website, ShoutCMS has brought together a number of industry features in a single solution. We’ll now take a look at how the integration of these brings benefit.

Big Business Features, Small Business Pricing

ShoutCMS comes standard with mobile-responsive front-end that businesses can customize to suit their brand. The real power of ShoutCMS is under the hood, as it features aren’t afterthoughts, but work well together offering a higher level of operation than you get from a single interface business application;

  • Online invoicing and transactions
  • Ecommerce with integrated shipping and support for major payment gateways
  • Simple yet robust Mass Mailer
  • Complete contact database organized by groups and tags
  • Built-in page styles and mobile galleries
  • Articles and blogging
  • Integrated email management (using the optional ShoutCMS email package)

All of these features come with a single price of $59/mo. for US and Canadian customers with an additional $29/mo. for company email services.

Forever Updates

It isn’t often that a CMS that is so feature rich offers itself to the larger business market. What may be the cherry on top of the cake, is that not only does the pricing meet business budgets, ShoutCMS offers lifetime feature upgrades with its monthly license.

The team is continually updating it feature set while at the same time tightening the integration between these that seeks to offer a new standard in CMS experience.

You can start today with ShoutCMS and get an install setup instantly. For businesses looking to use the platform as the backbone of their operations, ShoutCMS also connects with local vendors and offers hands-on support so it can be configured to your look and business flow.

To find out more about ShoutCMS, check out their website.

Also, stay tuned for more featured coverage during this ShoutCMS featured week.