ShopLocket is embedding eCommerce

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The ability to sell items online has changed the way many people shop. Merchants may not even need a physical store front to be in business anymore. Consumers do not even need to leave the house to do some quality shopping. Want to shop in your Pajamas? Go right ahead. If you want to be a “seller” of online merchandise however, be ready for some setup time. Making your site into a functional online store can be complicated and daunting to the inexperienced. ShopLocket aims to change that.

ShopLocket, the YouTube of eCommerce

What do you mean “the YouTube of eCommerce”? Simply this, before YouTube sharing a video online was anything but easy. YouTube lets you upload and share videos with just a few clicks. ShopLocket takes this concept and applies it to eCommerce. Sign up, create your product, and share. Unlike Amazon or Ebay, ShopLocket is not a big central marketplace full of people's stuff to be sold. The real “hook” if you will, is the ability to embed or link to your item anywhere. You want to sell and item right from your blog? Done. How about selling your item over social networks? Done. Anywhere you can share a link or embed some iframe code you can sell something. This comes across as much more professional than simply lumping your item for sale on a huge online marketplace. Using the linking and embedding options you leverage your already existing web and social media audience.

[vimeo 37213703 w=500 h=281] Try it out yourself. There are no upfront fees and you only pay after you sell. For more information visit:

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