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Series of webinars on Online Customer Engagement

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The days of mass marketing and thinking about customer engagement are gone. Today, executing a successful customer engagement strategy is crucial in building a lasting relationship with your visitors and increasing customer lifetime value.

In this series of webinars different important topics that online marketers face every day, will be discussed. For example, how to fully exploit the potential of social media within targeted marketing campaigns, a channel that is used by only 78% of the F500 CMO's. We'll also discuss, the importance of obtaining actionable insights on your anonymous visitors and how their needs help form your customer engagement strategy. Furthermore, creating cross channel interactions and context independent communications are also on the agenda. And of course, all topics will be complemented with different customer use case scenarios.

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CMS & Marketing / Series of webinars on Online Customer EngagementLast updated on January 5, 2019
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