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When acclaimed country singer Willie Nelson penned his biopic song "On the Road Again," he wasn't crooning about the Composable Revolution.

Or was he? 

In his epic ode to a musical odyssey, Nelson proclaimed his love for "making music with his friends." And what is a band, if not a collection of musical microservices... an orchestra of orchestrated instruments playing in harmony? 

Speaking of taking the band on the road, Uniform will be rocking and rolling this spring as it launches its first-ever Composable Roadshow. The event will debut in London on March 14th and move to New York on March 21st, with plans to expand to more cities.

The Composable Roadshow will feature discussions on the state of the market related to composable architectures and their growing impact. It will also provide opportunities for guests to learn about implementing composable through expert speakers, panelists, and session leaders.

The roadshow series, held in partnership with BigCommerce, Contentful, Code and Theory, and Kin + Carta, will help to promote composable accessibility and deliver real-life use cases from companies and agencies that are successfully on the road to composable. 

Leading the Way for DXC

Without question, Uniform has been one of the leading innovators in the burgeoning Digital Experience Composition (DXC) space. While still a nascent category (Gartner coined the TLA but has yet to officially bless it), composable and MACH have stolen the air from the digital experience room – and created a groundswell of interest and activity across the market.

Along with the excitement and intrigue, confusion has emerged with the rise of DXC. Enterprises are struggling to understand the role and value of DXC platforms in the composable stack and even where it fits. Uniform and its contemporaries are working diligently to educate and illuminate the market about the benefits of DXC. The effort is paying off as vendors report growing demand and the presence of DXC in RFPs.

The Composable Roadshow is yet another experience channel for elevating awareness. The traveling series is designed to appeal to marketers, customers, and partners – all focused on unlocking the value that composable aims to solve. 

A Uniform that fits in a composable world

Unlike a traditional digital experience platform, the architecture behind Uniform DXC allows legacy programs to implement composable or headless systems without a complete overhaul. This helps when juggling the labor and costs of re-platforming on an entirely new system and allows enterprises to scale faster when deploying composable components bit by bit. It also eliminates the "glue code" synonymous with connecting systems by streamlining everything with APIs. 

Uniform also wants to give power back to marketers at a time when headless has reigned supreme for developers. In the race to omnichannel, marketers and UX have often taken a backseat to functional considerations – and Uniform's strategy is chiefly focused on bringing marketers back to the fold. 

Earlier this year, Uniform participated in the heralded MACH Haus New York, a live event presented by the MACH Alliance during the National Retail Federation 2023. Uniform joined the MACH Alliance in 2021, making them an earlier adopter to the MACH member community. 

During MACH Haus, Uniform participated in several panels, including a tantalizing segment entitled "The Death of DXP: Stepping Off the Monolith Bit by Bit" that featured Uniform President Darren Guarnaccia. The session focused on the benefits of composability within your tech stack and the challenges of maintaining the monoliths. 

Uniform is continuing to take suggestions for additional roadshow destinations, and you can contact the company with your suggestions here. We'll continue to monitor and post updates as news is released.

In the meantime, crank some Willie, read more about composable, and reserve your tickets. This is one show you won't want to miss. 

About Uniform

Uniform digital experience composition (DXC) platform speeds up time to value for composable-experience architecture, lowers development costs, and makes it easy for business users to build digital experiences. A composable orchestration layer for legacy systems and headless APIs in Uniform DXCP eliminates the need for custom integration code, which delivers no business value. Instead, available for marketers, merchandisers, and other business users are no-code tools to build digital experiences with content from any source—without submitting tickets for developer assistance. Furthermore, Uniform DXCP’s high-performance personalization capability, delivered at the edge, raises conversion and CX for all channels.