RedPoint Global Unveils New Hub Solution to Solve Customer Engagement Gap

Today, RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, introduced the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub™ (CEH) solution, helping enterprises overcome the challenges caused by the gap between ever-changing customer expectations and the actual experience brands deliver. The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub enables brands to continuously connect with customers in a highly relevant way and ubiquitously deliver the promise of the brand across all touchpoints. RedPoint’s hub optimizes customer engagement by providing intelligent and timely orchestration of customer interactions underpinned by a dynamic, unified customer profile (or golden record), along with the most flexible and scalable real-time decisioning capability available in the market.

Consumers today desire frictionless and meaningful engagement with their brands of choice. However, heavy investments in channel-focused engagement systems and point solutions by companies over the past 15 years have inherently created barriers to achieving consistent and relevant brand experiences. This is due to the fact that point solutions are able to use only their partial view of a customer, their function-specific decisioning rules, and the business processes that have been optimized to support a specific function. In reality, point solutions lock up valuable customer data, making it unavailable for other parts of the enterprise in a timely fashion, and often times generate messages that actually conflict with other point solutions. The outcome of these conflicting systems tends to be over communication to customers with a lack of relevance and, ultimately, less revenue to the enterprise. In fact, Gartner predicts1 that “through 2020, silos of customer engagement will be one of the top three leading causes of customer dissatisfaction for enterprises across all industry segments.” Exacerbating this situation is the explosion of data and the proliferation of touchpoints which are being driven by new channels and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Today’s customers expect that all brands will provide targeted, highly-personalized, seamlessly coordinated engagement. To meet the high-level expectations that customers have for consistent, relevant treatments across all interactions, enterprises need a unified customer view,” said David Raab, founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute. “If the company doesn’t meet the expectation of the customer, the response to their disappointment is to look for another brand they believe will do a better job.”

The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub solution combines the power of its market-leading customer data platform to create rich, dynamic unified customer profiles with its real-time customer interaction platform that optimizes customer engagement across all touchpoints and enterprise business functions. With RedPoint, enterprises now have a hub for connecting all of their customer data, driving real-time decisions and intelligently orchestrating engagement with their customers.

“In today’s world, customer journeys are no longer linear in nature, as customers now desire dynamic, continuous, and real-time engagement. In response, brands often fall short of presenting themselves ubiquitously and with relevance at every touchpoint,” said RedPoint Global CEO Dale Renner. “Our clients are achieving fantastic results with double digit revenue increases based on the distinct advantages provided by our customer engagement hub solution. Brands with unified customer profiles and effective cross-touchpoint engagement will outperform competitors, which is where the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub – underpinned with our customer data platform – will become the new standard in the modern enterprise.”

RedPoint’s Customer Engagement Hub is architected to support an open ecosystem approach, allowing enterprises to leverage legacy and new technologies while reducing the friction across these systems. The hub’s key capabilities include:

  • Connected Data: The CEH’s customer data platform processes and integrates2 any and all types of customer data including first-, second-, and third-party; batch and streaming; plus structured and unstructured data to build a unified customer profile — this golden record is then leveraged in real time for decisioning and analytics.
  • In-line Analytics: The CEH’s in-line analytics operationalizes machine learning, other advanced analytics, and real-time decisioning to drive next-best actions including offers, alerts, notifications, or other contextually correct and relevant messages.
  • Orchestration: The CEH orchestrates interactions with individuals (e.g. customers, members, patients, policyholders, accounts) across all digital and traditional channels, touchpoints, devices, and engagement technologies.

RedPoint was recently recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs, which evaluated the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub.3The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub is an evolutionary step designed to reinforce RedPoint’s commitment to helping organizations improve customer engagement as a means of growing profitable revenue.

The solution offers flexible deployment options with high speed to value, including being cloud-deployable on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, in an on-premises private cloud or infrastructure, or as a hybrid option that takes advantage of the scale and ease of use of a public cloud for some functions and on-premises infrastructure for other functions.

The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub solution is available immediately. For more information, call +1 781-725-0250 or visit See RedPoint at the 2017 Gartner Data & Analytics Summit March 6 – 9, Booth # 116.