Really Simple Systems bundles mobile CRM and integration to Kashflow into its Free and Premium Editions

Really Simple Systems has announced the extension of its Free Edition. The Cloud CRM vendor will be offering their mobile CRM and the ability to integrate with Kashflow accounting software for free. These features are currently chargeable but will now be included in Really Simple Systems’ Free Edition, allowing customers to get more from their CRM system.

John Paterson, CEO, Really Simple Systems, comments, “As cloud systems continue to go mainstream, and vendors as well as customers reap the benefits of economies of scale, we expect prices to continue to fall for commodity systems like accounting and CRM, as well as office and email systems.”

He continues, “We are very excited to be offering these new features as part of our free edition. We'd rather get customers using these features and our CRM than ’nickel and dime’ them for small amounts.”

Really Simple Systems’ Free Edition is a free version of the vendor’s flagship product that gives users the software and hosting for a two-user sales system free of charge, forever. Augmenting the offering with these two latest features is part of the company’s strategy to be the largest global CRM vendor in terms of users in the next three years. Existing Premium Edition customers who currently pay for these additional features will automatically no longer be billed for them. Offering these services free of charge will allow Really Simple Systems to continue its reputation for great value for money, excellent service and continued growth.

John Paterson concludes, “Cloud Computing offers customers a radical new way to buy sophisticated applications at a low cost. By making the CRM really easy to use, Really Simple Systems can deliver CRM without the expense of a high touch sales and support process, passing this saving to the customer. With the addition of these new features our users are able to get even more from their CRM system. ”