QuadWrangle Enters the CMS for NonProfit Market

In order to be successful in any niche, it’s essential to have an angle that no other business has exploited.

The team behind QuadWrangle believe they’ve done just that, with their bespoke CMS platform that ‘connects alumni to personalized content to maximize engagement – and donations.’


QuadWrangle are offering potential nonprofit customers an opportunity to turn their existing college alumni network into an alumni database of potential donors.

This new CMS fills a massive gap in the nonprofit market. In a world where consumer media has become the more and more tailored to the individual, QuadWrangle believes that the old university network of connections can be equally personalized and this is what their CMS aims to achieve. In their view, ‘university communications have remained very nebulous’.

They see their CMS platform as a means to end this ‘shapeless communication’ and reverse the 10 year decline they’ve discovered in terms of alumni giving back to their alumni.

QuadWrangle CEO, Nick Zeckets, felt this personally when he discovered that his alma mater had a plethora of needs that he had no idea existed.

QuadWrangle aims to solve a ton of problems by utilizing every alma maters most valuable asset – its alumni.

So, What Does It Do?

QuadWrangle aims to ‘connect to myriad sources of consumer information ranging from social data to historical university databases.’ At a glance, this is a hybrid of social media and CMS that looks very interesting.

It does this through four main interlocking products listed on their home page.


The QuadMail product seems interesting. It lets you create an unlimited amount of email campaigns that they claim provide ‘quantifiable results’. It also has inbuilt analytics and A/B testing as standard.

However, the real potential here is in their ‘Curated News’ feature. It allows users to display news that’s curated from dozens of university sources into one personalized email. Each story in this email will be tailored to the individual alumnus it’s linked to and it does this automatically. The platform itself creates these emails.

QuadWrangle have utilized a system of dynamic segmentation to ensure that each alumnus gets highly personalized and tailored information.


Picture 14.png

The Quad Web product expands on Quad Mail's premise to create a custom, web based, and personally relevant content stream for each alumnus.

QuadWrangle have also included a feature that allows you to manage events through the QuadWeb portal. You can search by Type of Event and Event Location and it also allows you to RSVP and Check-In to see Attendees.

QuadWrangle trademarked Class Ring feature has a lot of potential and it looks like a cornerstone of this CMS. Class Ring was set up to connect grads in every corner of the world – all of whom work in hundreds of different companies in thousands of different roles – and instigate career growth by prompting alumni to ask for help while automatically connecting them to their peers.


Picture 15.png

The real standout element of this CMS is their QuadHub feature, which allows users to turn the alumni data into information that they can use. Which of your alumni network want to donate? How many of them can give? QuadHub helps you to work that out.

Picture 16.png

QuadWrangle believe this section of their service will be of vital use to those looking to maximize their alumni networks potential for donation.


This feature bundles all the features of the other three services with a few extra features.

Picture 18.png

The Call To Action feature will be of particular interest to the nonprofit customers it’s targeting. With this feature, custom information is collected through the CMS to drive potential targets for donations.

Picture 12.png

Real Potential

QuadWrangle seems to have a good understanding of the potential of current donors on a personal, human level.

This CMS gives nonprofit organisations the ability to automatically serve each potential donor with the kind of personal content that can compel the donor to engage and give back – both monetarily and otherwise.

Like most content management systems, this newbie will live and die on its UI and its price point. If they succeed in managing these key points, I'm sure QuadWrangle will be around for a while yet. And that's good news for NonProfits everywhere.