From the Forum: Internet's Best Looking Websites & More!

Since launching our new CMS Critic Forum last week, we've had plenty of participation and they are continuing to grow strong. Today, I thought I'd share some of the great topics we've got going that you are more than welcome to participate in.

Don't forget that everyone who participates has a chance to Win a $50 Visa Gift Card as well! We're giving away three of them.

The best part? You can enter DAILY which means you can get more than 1 entry per day by posting regularly.

Be sure to jump in and participate and don't forget, it's also a great place to start your own thread. Whether it's a question or something you are just passionate about, we welcome you to share.

Hot Topics in the Forums

  1. The People's Choice Awards – Who did you vote for?  – Jump in and share with everyone who you voted for in the People's Choice Awards. Even better, tell us why!
  2. The Internet's Best Looking Websites – Is there a website that you think deserves mention? Share with everyone who your favorites are for the Internet's Best Looking Websites and Why!
  3. Platform Lock-in: Fact or Myth – Do you think platform lock-in is fact or myth? Join in and support or debunk this myth alongside our experts.
  4. Share your Favorite Theme / Design – Got a fav theme or design you want to share with the world? Do so in this thread (no affiliate links please)
  5. What are your Top 3 Website Builders – Share with us who your favorite website builders are and why!
  6. What do you *hate* about your Favorite CMS – Got a beef about the CMS you use or your favorite? Let us know.
  7. Most Improved CMS in 2014 – Who do you think has improved the most in 2014? Let us know.
  8. Showcase – Get Feedback on your Site – Get feedback on your website from our experts. This is a great way to get another opinion on your design for free!

There you have it. These are the hot topics at the moment. Jump in and participate. We'll see you there!