Pligg CMS 1.2.0 Release

A new version of Pligg CMS is now available for download. The 1.2.0 version of Pligg adds some important security updates, many bug fixes, optimized code, and a few new features. Some of the changes are listed below in an abbreviated changelog highlighting some of the most important updates. It is highly recommend that you update your Pligg CMS website as soon as possible to avoid exploits from previous security holes that have now been patched.

Security fixes

  • Exclude disabled users from Top Users
  • Fixed the “Edit user data” admin feature
  • New weight parameter for modules, allowing modules to control what order they are called in.
  • Search groups by group name
  • The Tag Cloud page is now disabled when you have tags turned off site-wide
  • Human check (anti-spam) module fixes
  • Localized a few new phrases
  • Add feature to subtract a value of user score for removing a story vote
  • You can now use PHP in page content.
  • Left open HTML tags in the story content area will now be automatically closed.
  • Users can now select a site language file from their edit profile page. This will only change the Pligg language file, not the content being submitted to the site.

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