Pligg 1.0.0 RC1 Release

Pligg, the open source Digg clone has been released in release candidate status for version 1. Pligg is incredibly popular and used on a large number of sites to date.

This new release offers the following new features:

New Features.

  • New Template
  • New Admin Panel
  • More Spam Prevention Tools
  • Advanced Search
  • Category Authors
  • Admin Help Documents
  • Story Comment RSS Feeds
  • Fully Anonymous Mode Module
  • Votes by IP

One of the major issues that was plaguing Pligg based sites was the amount of spam they had to deal with. This new version claims to have address these issues somewhat:

“The first feature is a simple user email activation system. When users sign up to your site you can now require that they verify their email address. This is a rather basic form of spam control, but it does work to stop some spam. Most forum CMS software use this method in combination of CAPTCHA as their primary spam defense. Now Pligg does too.  If a user has an issue activating his account it’s a simple one-click activation from the admin panel to validate their account for them.

The second spam-stopping feature is the Submit Antispam Addon ( by AnAlienHolakres3. Alien has designed what is probably the most advanced Pligg module ever to be made, and it is a very interesting method for dealing with spam and users who don’t publish quality stories. The module works by limiting the number of submissions an author can add to a site within a given time frame. The more votes the story author receives in a time frame, the more stories he will be allowed to submit. This is probably one of the harsher methods for dealing with spam, but it doubles as a method for promoting only quality stories to your website.”

You can download or read more at Pligg's website.