Plasma 5.8 LTS now available in KDE Neon

KDE Neon, the newly popular distribution produced by KDE and Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell and based on Ubuntu is now available in version 5.8. The best part of this latest release? It includes the latest long term stable release of Plasma 5.8. You can get additional details about this release from Jonathan Riddell's blog.

Speaking of Plasma 5.8, for those who weren't aware of the release, the details are below.

Plasma 5.8 proves how far along the desktop environment is coming by further polishing the user experience from start to finish. Some changes in Plasma 5.8 include:

  • Unified Boot to Shutdown Artwork
  • Right-to-Left Language Support
  • Improved Applets
  • Simplified Global Shortcuts & More.

Read the full changelog for the Plasma 5.8 release. Here's a screenshot below:

To get a more in-depth lowdown on what you can expect from Plasma 5.8, check out the video here:

You can get the latest release by downloading the User Edition ISO.