Payrexx Launches the First One Page Shop Software in the US

Apart from starting to offer its solution to end customers worldwide, Payrexx is also available as a white label solution for financial institutions, different types of business software providers and large enterprises that are looking to offer innovative epayment and ecommerce solution for their own customers.

Vision & Mission

The vision of Payrexx is to allow anyone regardless of knowledge and funding to accept online payments and sell physical goods, services and accept donations. According to the internal research, more than 50% of today’s employees are launching their own small business on the side. Since they are very limited in terms of time and resources to set up a complex e-commerce solution, a simple and quick solution to set up is a must for them. With Payrexx, freelancers and sme’s can accept their first online payment within 5 minutes and without any IT background, thanks to its user-friendly and innovative ecommerce tools such One Page Shop, Virtual POS and Business Paylink. The whole onboarding process happens online as well.

Social Media Selling
Social media has become an important sales channels for many small businesses since it allows to catch the potential customers in a relaxed mindstate, which dramatically increases conversion rates since relaxed customers are less expense-sensitive. With Payrexx, social media selling is further simplified because One Page Shop tool can be easily shared and appears beautifully on a social media timeline. Once the customer clicks on a One Page Shop link, a simple page with products and payment details opens letting the customer to select the articles and proceed with the payment on one page instead of getting forwarded to a complex online shop.

Customers base, partners and pricing
Company customer base proves that Payrexx is a truly universal payment solution fulfilling the needs of any company starting from such as Adidas and Sixt and ending at individual entrepreneurs & freelancers.

Apart from the remarkable customer range Payrexx also partners with worldwide leading payment providers such as Stripe & PayPal as well as important national providers such as PostFinance.

Payrexx pricing strategy supports the goal to allow everyone to get started, which is why the service is available for free. Subscription that is suited for medium -and large-size enterprises is priced at 49.- USD/ month and offers the best transaction fees for its users.

Try Payrexx yourself now. It is totally free and does not require any coding skills!