PaperThin releases CommonSpot 6.2

PaperThin Inc., a leading Web content management solution provider, today announced new enhancements to CommonSpot 6.  This latest release includes several highly requested product enhancements, support for the latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, and further enhancements to the new caching capabilities introduced in 6.1, as well as additional bug-fixes not released as part of any 6.1 hot-fix.

6.2 enhancements include:

  • Authoring support for Firefox 5 and Internet Explorer 9.
  • Performance improvements including:
    • Enhancements to the ‘Stale Cache’ architecture introduced in 6.1
    • Support for scheduled background cache rebuilding
    • Availability of a new Cache Server license
  • Centralized scheduled job management to ease the configuration and management of background jobs across all servers.
  • Group Ownership of content to improve workflow and organizational efficiencies.
  • Full-screen rich text editing within elements and forms to ease editing of large text blocks.
  • Support for sending notification emails through secure email servers.
  • New options for setting the subsite location for images with a content object, metadata form or simple form.
  • New programmatic hooks for custom messaging and notification on form submission.
  • Additional enhancements to custom elements and fields.
  • Ability to filter by content expiration date, allowing contributors to easily see what content it about to expire.

“This point release reinforces our promise to continuously enhance the product and add value to our customers through incremental point releases, releases of new apps, or larger product releases such as our most recent addition of CommonSpot Cloud,” said Todd Peters, president and founder of PaperThin.