PaperThin brings their WCM to the Cloud with CommonSpot Cloud

As is the trend of late, a large number of WCM vendors are bring their WCM product lines to the cloud in one way or the other and PaperThin is no exception. Today, they have announced the release of CommonSpot Cloud, a SaaS based version of their popular, award winning WCM platform.

“There is tremendous pressure on marketers now more than ever to deliver on the promise of the Web. Organizations want better results, faster. CommonSpot Cloud removes IT from the Web management equation so marketers can easily combine their creativity with our powerful content management capabilities for better results without encountering bottlenecks. They can be up and running and quickly creating the digital initiatives they want, and optimizing those campaigns in real time. That's a powerful combination that brings marketers real business agility,” said Todd Peters, founder and president of PaperThin.

Key Benefits for Marketers:

  • High Impact Results
    Marketers get the powerful capabilities they need to easily create well organized, SEO enabled, interactive, and community-focused websites that drive new business and strengthen online brands.
  • Multi-channel Optimization
    Marketers can optimize digital content and campaigns across all Web channels, including social media, mobile, etc.
  • Fast Time to Market
    Marketers can implement Web strategies in weeks not months with minimal effort using CommonSpot Cloud, and can start realizing marketing results immediately.

“We offer significant IT benefits as well,” Peters added. “CommonSpot Cloud lowers Web operating costs and administrative burdens, frees up IT resources, and improves reliability and scalability. This offering is perfect for those seeking leaner, cloud-based Web infrastructures. While we remain committed to our on premises, ColdFusion-based solution, we've added this new cloud-based option to round out our offering with choices that meet any organization's needs regardless of size, budget, platform, or resources.”

Key Benefits for IT:

  • Lower Costs and Fewer Resources
    CommonSpot Cloud offers affordable, tiered pricing so organizations only pay for the capabilities and infrastructure they need. Because it's SaaS and in the cloud, capital expenses for software licenses and hardware are eliminated and ongoing maintenance, upgrade and support resources and associated costs are significantly reduced.
  • Rapid Deployment and Greater Productivity
    CommonSpot Cloud sites can be implemented quickly by PaperThin experts and just as quickly handed off to business users greatly reducing your time to Web. By removing the time and resources associated with the initial build-out and ongoing maintenance, IT productivity greatly improves because time can be spent focusing on more strategic business initiatives.

CommonSpot Cloud is available on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) at four basic price levels—Express, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise—but can be customized to each customer's specific configuration. Customers will be able to leverage the benefits of cost, reliability, elasticity, and security for their Web infrastructure. PaperThin's Professional Services team, along with its certified partners, will provide core implementation services for the initial site build out and training. All ongoing server and software maintenance tasks, upgrades, support, and performance monitoring will be handled by PaperThin, eliminating the need for specialized internal IT resources.