PageCloud, The World’s Most Advanced Website Editor, Secures Funding For Launch

They're calling it, “the world's most advanced website editor”. 

PageCloud, which is due to launch later in 2015, has secured $2.2m in seed funding. It claims to transform any browser and any machine into a website editor. Users can login and make spot edits or create a new page in seconds, live in real-time.

The Ontario based platform works with existing web apps like Mailchimp, Shopify, Magento, PayPal, Google, Vimeo, Volusion, Eventbrite and more. 

Here's an introductory video to give you a taste of PageCloud.

Here's an overview of what PageCloud is offering:

  • A browser-based editor usable from any machine, that lets you simply hit ‘edit’ and make spot changes to any page you control in seconds 
  • Complete integration with all your favorite desktop apps, even though this is a natively cloud-based application 
  • Never before seen levels of desktop usability, with popular desktop features that have never fully made it to popular Web apps, such as: copy and paste across apps, undo/redo, page layout tools that outperforms desktop publishing apps in features and performance 
  • A long awaited seamless solution to building custom font support into a user’s workflow that doesn’t rely on code 
  • Complete integration with popular graphics tools such as Photoshop (™) and Illustrator (™) 
  • Easy integration with e-commerce and all other Web-based widgets 
  • Complete code-level extensibility for developers 
  • The ability to use any page on the Web as a creative starting point

PageCloud's CEO and founder Craig Fitzpatrick had this to say regarding the news:

“Existing website publishing apps require coding skills to manipulate content beyond just filling the blanks of a rigid pre-built template. The launch of this  advanced technology represents a dramatic shift in Web design, as it’s the first to deliver this professional level of desktop publishing experience to the Web.

Designers, many of whom have limited coding experience, can now go right from Photoshop to the Web with no programming required as they can simply copy and paste layers directly onto their pages and sites.” 

Should PageCloud deliver on what they're promising, there's no doubt that their platform will be a game changer. Website building could finally take that extra step towards true accessibility — which is something I mentioned in my recent roundup of what I'd like to see from the world of CMS in 2015.

To find out more about PageCloud, check out their website.