PackFlash updates Constellation Suite to reflect DotNetNuke's new features

With DotNetNuke recently updating their cms to support enhanced social capabilities, PackFlash has followed with an update to their Constellation Suite.

PackFlash has just released a new version of their Constellation Suite. The Constellation Suite is a series of 8 DNN modules that provide enhanced functionality to the DNN platform. These modules can be purchased individually, or together, and the modules are designed to work together tightly, overcoming a key liability of DNN modules which normally operate independently of each other. The suite includes Events, Image Gallery, Slideshow, Friendly URLs, Mega Drop-Down Menu, Comments, Videos, and DotNetNuke News and Blog Module. Version 3.3 is the newest installment of Constellation.

With its latest release, DotNetNuke has added a wealth of social networking features to its core WCMS platform. The focus of Constellation version 3.3 is to provide integration into these new social capabilities. The Constellation Suite provides a publishing engine to enable the dissemination of a variety of content and media using DNN, so using the DNN social functionality to allow a site’s users to discuss the content is a natural extension of Constellation’s mission. In particular, the Comments Module, which is a part of the Constellation Suite, has new options to push comments to the “journal feeds” that are a key component of DNN’s social toolset. Another integration point allows content creators to announce the publication of new content to their personal journal feed, or to the feeds of any “social groups” which may be applicable. The creator has the choice of which locations will receive each posting rather than the system assuming everything should get pushed to the creator’s journal feed.

“There is a lot of buzz about social within the DNN community, and we’re excited to announce our new social features amidst all of this global excitement. These features represent just the first step in our support of DNN Social. Stay tuned.” says PackFlash Co-owner, Jason Lichon.

The DNN Social integration isn’t the only notable enhancement in Constellation 3.3. Other new features include: the ability to display tooltips from item lists to provide more details about an item during mouse hover, the ability to incorporate PackFlash Categories within the Mega Menu Module, and URL rewriting has been added as part of the Friendly URL & SEO Module for DotNetNuke. This URL rewriting applies to ALL URLs generated by the CMS, including those generated by 3rd-party modules. In addition, a new module called PackFlash Collections is included with version 3.3 that allows for users to save and group items providing watchlist or personal library type functionality. Administrators can choose the content types which can be saved to a group by the users. More details about all of these features will be forthcoming.

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