Oracle Buys FatWire Software - More CMS Acquisitions on the way?

Today's big story is the acquisition of FatWire Software by none other than Oracle. This is a surprise purchase of a successful CMS vendor and appears to be a trend that is developing of late whereby larger companies such as Adobe (see Adobe/Day Acquisition) and Oracle are building up their content management offerings.

“Together, Oracle and FatWire plan to deliver the most complete web experience management solution that will enable companies to fully optimize the customer experience with innovative social tools that enable user generated content in a managed environment,” said Hasan Rizvi, Senior Vice President at Oracle. “The addition of FatWire products will give Oracle the ability to provide a complete suite of software that empowers web marketers to engage visitors, converting more prospects to customers, and enhancing customer loyalty.”

According to the reports, the transaction is expected to close mid-year 2011. Until the deal closes, each company will continue to operate independently. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

“FatWire solutions help organizations drive customer engagement and loyalty by offering a targeted and interactive online experience across web and mobile channels,” said Yogesh Gupta, President and CEO, FatWire Software. “This acquisition is expected to provide FatWire customers with dramatically expanded products and services to help them achieve their online customer experience goals.”

FatWire complements Oracle's leading technology products including Oracle Fusion Middleware, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, and Portal technology. It also complements Oracle's leading application products including Oracle Customer Relationship Management and ATG Web Commerce.

Full info can be found here:

With the recent batch of acquisitions over the last couple of years, it lends one to wonder whether there will be further trimming in the CMS space and whether we can expect to see more vendors merging or gobbling each other up.

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