Open Source CMS Typolight releases 2.7.3

It's a busy day for releases today with a new release from the Typolight team as well. This new version is 2.7.3

The changelog shows the full list of changes but here is a quick summary:

Build 3 (2009-09-06)

  • Added dynamic spellchecker languages to TinyMCE
  • Added pseudo entities [‎{‎] and [‎}‎] to output insert tags
  • Fixed issue with breadcrumb menu not handling redirect pages
  • Fixed issue with incorrect row count in forms with hidden fields
  • Fixed issue with empty rows in memberlists without username (#929)
  • Fixed issue with event feeds containing foreign entries (#866)
  • Fixed issue with certain multi-day events not being calculated correctly (#855)
  • Fixed issue with empty keywords being added to the meta keywords tag (#540)
  • Fixed issue with navigation icons not being disabled in the template editor (#761)
  • Fixed issue with insert tag “user” not formatting its output (#957)
  • Fixed issue with backlinks not being exempt from the search index (#896)
  • Fixed issue with special characters in file names not being decoded properly (#877)
  • Fixed issue with default user and group not being applied (#888)
  • Fixed issue with missing “readonly” attribute of text field widgets (#901)
  • Fixed issue with group login page overriding option “last page visited” (#916)
  • Fixed issue with nails of large images exceeding the memory limit (#922)
  • Fixed issue with subscriptions being activated upon registration (#881)
  • Fixed a few issues with the style sheet importer (#838)
  • Fixed various spelling issues (#942)
  • Fixed a few minor issues

More info and downloads of course on the Typolight website.