Nuxeo Rolls Out Beta of Hosting Service

Nuxeo have announced the release of a beta for their new hosting service,

Nuxeo is an open source enterprise content management system used by professionals such as architects and developers to build, deploy, and run content-centric business applications., Nuxeo's latest offering, is a hosting service for building and managing Nuxeo Platform clusters in the cloud.

As a service of Nuxeo Connect – the subscription service providing support, maintenance and access to Nuxeo Studio – is a development environment offering quick and easy access to lightweight Nuxeo Platform instances on demand.


Arken Built, Docker Based

The cloud-based development environment offered by makes for quick and easy access to lightweight Nuxeo Platform instances on demand.

The technology used to build and prop up Nuxeo's new hosting service is as follows:

  • Built with Arken: is built with Arken, an open source software infrastructure for instantiation, provisioning and resilience of application instances, on premises or on the Cloud. Arken was developed by Nuxeo.
  • Uses Docker:  Docker is a lightweight virtualization engine, or container. It provides the isolation of a VM, without the overhead of a machine, OS or hypervisor. Arken organizes Docker containers using CoreOS.
  • Runs on Amazon AWS/EC2: runs on Amazon AWS, but Arken is infrastructure independent;  it can run anywhere, so you can deploy on premises as a private cloud installation or in the cloud in any IaaS environment.

Naturally, was built with developers with content-centric apps in mind. However, Nuxeo have claimed that is also a perfect fit for Nuxeo-based SaaS (Software as a Service) providers. This is thanks to the ease brings when it comes to building an environment to help manage services for your customers, while also managing your application infrastructure.

Additionally, because uses Docker – which relies on low-level features of Linux – SaaS providers can measure CPU usage for each customer, delegate isolation to the kernel and benefit from an environment which is far more secure.

The CEO of Nuxeo, Eric Barroca, made these comments regarding the release of

“In a typical Nuxeo project lifecycle, dozens of instances of the Nuxeo Platform can be started and stopped: development, test, plugins, sandboxes, QA, and so on. provides Nuxeo customers easy and quick access to development instances that can be used for the entire lifecycle of a project from development to production.

The digital services­based economy is driving enterprises to provide solutions faster than ever before. Project teams need to be able to provision new environments quickly to build and adapt content­centric business applications that support their customers’ needs. SaaS providers have the same challenge, needing to offer new or enhanced services for their customers quickly. is a great way to provide both a cloud­based infrastructure and application environment for the Nuxeo Platform to help them do this.

It’s lightweight and flexible, with low overhead required to get a new hosted Nuxeo Platform environment up and running. You can start and stop an instance in 20 seconds ­ now that’s quick.”

Existing Nuxeo Connect subscribers can sign up for the beta as of right now. If you aren’t yet a Nuxeo Connect subscriber, you can sign up for a trial account and give a whirl.

To find out more about Nuxeo, check out their website.

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