Nuxeo Releases First CMIS-Enabled Digital Asset Management Application

Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company, announced today the general availability of its open source Digital Asset Management offering Nuxeo DAM.

Nuxeo DAM is the latest application based on the Nuxeo open source ECM platform, Nuxeo EP. Nuxeo DAM addresses the complex and resource-intensive demands of managing the rich media assets that companies rely on. Designed to meet the creative and ever-changing needs of marketing and brand managers, as well as the custodians of digital artifacts in education, government, military and cultural institutions, Nuxeo's digital asset management software opens up new opportunities for the creators, users and consumers of rich media to take control of their critical image, video or audio content.

According to Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca, “Nuxeo DAM has the same high level of flexibility as its underlying platform – Nuxeo EP – thanks to its extension-point, plug-in infrastructure. Thus, Nuxeo DAM can be adapted and customized to create a new kind of media-intensive content application matching ever-evolving business and creative needs.”

Nuxeo DAM is the first application of its kind to meet the currently available draft of the OASIS Content Management  Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification. Nuxeo, along with many other industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, and Adobe Systems, is involved with CMIS. CMIS is a proposed standard for interoperability across multiple ECM and web content management systems that is expected to be approved this year. Nuxeo EP, as the underlying ECM platform offering from Nuxeo, includes a CMIS Server, based on the latest CMIS specification, ensuring that packaged applications such as Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo DM benefit from the interoperability enhancements.

As an open source offering, this release of Nuxeo DAM has benefited tremendously by input from the customer and partner community during the beta period which began in December 2009. Feature prioritization, open issue reporting, access to peer-to-peer support and best practice exchange ensured the public beta offering evolved quickly to meet the needs of early adopter clients.

Nuxeo DAM 1.0 – Feature highlights:

  • Asset Capture / Batch Import: Media file uploads with IPTC and EXIF metadata extraction; quickly upload batches of media assets; bulk tagging with metadata
  • Annotations: Annotate pictures and office documents directly from the browser
  • Intellectual Property and Rights Management: Manage attributions and expiration dates; administrators view rights to asset folders
  • Renditions: Store multiple formats of a media file for different use cases
  • Filter-based Navigation: Browse the asset repository using dynamic visual filters on metadata (by full text, content type, folder name, geographical coverage, etc.)
  • Watermarking & Export of Media Files: Watermark images to ensure appropriate distribution and attribution; configure export formats; expose a unique URL for assets, to ease integration
  • Security & Access Control: Control sharing and access to assets with Access Control Lists (ACLs) on folders; support complex authentication setups, user sources, user groups, etc.
  • Configurable Content Model: Quickly define and configure the right content model for assets (define metadata, controlled vocabularies, etc.)
  • Fully Browser- and Web-based: Use of web standards and technologies to provide a rich fully browser-based user experience (no plug-in/Flash required)
  • Deep Integration Across IT Ecosystem: Leveraging enterprise-class features from Nuxeo EP, Nuxeo DAM works with existing IT infrastructure applications (LDAP for user/group management, SSO for authentication, CMIS Server, etc.)

“Digital asset management is an increasingly important component of ECM deployments due to the rise of audio and video content and the need to consistently manage brand assets,” said Kathleen Reidy, senior analyst, enterprise software at The 451 Group. “The availability of DAM in an open source model potentially makes it accessible to organizations of different sizes and types.”

DAM Deployments Assured by Nuxeo Connect Digital Asset Management software deployments represent an important investment in terms of time and resources. Successful DAM initiatives reap maximum value from their platforms by ensuring that they are fully adapted to the organization's context.

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