Nuxeo introduces their Cloud Platform for ECM

Nuxeo has introduced their latest offering to the enterprise content management system space, Nuxeo Cloud. This new product offers a hosted application environment and managed services for the entire content management application lifecycle through the Nuxeo Platform, from prototype to production, including a full-service customization and configuration toolset. By design, the Nuxeo Platform is highly customizable and extensible, enabling the building of content management applications that correspond to many diverse use cases.

According to Eric Barroca, Nuxeo CEO:

“Nuxeo is the first content management software vendor to provide a complete development-to-production environment that is fully customizable in the cloud. Nuxeo Cloud delivers a wide range of benefits to organizations, including faster time to deployment, reduced strain on in-house IT resources, and greater cost elasticity as projects evolve. The Nuxeo content management platform ecosystem is tailor made for deployment as a cloud service, bringing the best in development and production of content management applications via a simple interface. We listened closely to customer and community feedback to help initiate this pivotal closed-loop cloud offering”

Key highlights of Nuxeo Cloud include:

  • Access to Nuxeo Studio, which provides a configuration and customization environment to speed development and seamless testing of content management projects, with automated deployment to the cloud application;
  • Allocation of runtime environments and resources in the cloud; multiple server environments can be supported, if needed;
  • Automated maintenance and upgrade of the customization, with managed upgrade to the Nuxeo Platform;
  • Applications that run smoothly with reduced in-house resources, and application monitoring by Nuxeo support teams.

The Nuxeo Cloud monthly subscription packages are designed to easily scale up or down for customers to closely manage resource needs and costs as requirements change over time. The offering is available immediately on the Nuxeo Cloud page.