Nuxeo Introduces New Cloud Edition of Digital Asset Management Application

Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company, today announced an update to its Nuxeo Digital Asset Management product with the release of Nuxeo DAM 1.1, as well launching the hosted version, Nuxeo DAM – Cloud Edition. This new release of Nuxeo DAM incorporates feature enhancements driven directly by early adopter customers and the Nuxeo developer community.

Nuxeo DAM – Cloud Edition runs on the Nuxeo secure cloud services infrastructure, backed by the resilient and high-performing Amazon web services. Nuxeo DAM – Cloud Edition offers a media management solution ideally suited to small to medium-sized organizations with fixed budgets and limited IT infrastructure and resources. It is also ideal for businesses that need to collaborate with geographically dispersed customers, helping marketers and brand managers quickly catalog, process, store, retrieve and distribute rich media.

“Nuxeo DAM – Cloud Edition brings feature-rich and sophisticated digital asset management to businesses who don't have the time or IT resources to invest in an expensive legacy DAM product. It provides a subscription solution to handle all types of digital content,” said CEO Eric Barroca. “It eliminates heavy investments in IT or hardware, while still providing all the ingestion, categorization, management and collaboration tools that today's businesses and marketing departments require to protect their media content investment. Nuxeo DAM – Cloud Edition is one of the ways that a new or growing business can use technology to help level the playing field and compete cost-effectively in the digital economy”.

Also launched today is Nuxeo DAM 1.1. The newest release of Nuxeo DAM includes feature enhancements driven by the feedback and requirements of early adopter clients: video enhancements, batch upload improvements and repository level integration with Nuxeo DM.

Video enhancements include automatic generation of nails that segment the content of a video file as part of the import process. These video chapters can be viewed individually, making it easier to locate scenes and find video segments to share among teams. Brand managers, digital archivists, research/intelligence analysts and content application builders will also find new video streaming provides a productivity boost. The application gives instant viewing access to a video by beginning to play before the file is completely downloaded.

New bulk import and editing functionality are additional time-savers for power-users. Nuxeo DAM can now import a larger number of files, with IPTC and EXIF metadata extraction and bulk tagging to speed up capture of digital assets. To ease large-scale media file processing, Nuxeo DAM also allows users to edit file descriptions, define metadata and adjust settings to a selection of multiple assets, putting more capabilities into the hands of content creators and consumers.

“These new features are being driven by our early adopter customers such as a global operator in the financial markets and cutting-edge medical research organizations,” said Barroca.

For seamless integration with other content applications, Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo's Document Management applications can also share the same underlying content repository. Nuxeo's applications are built on the open source, Java-based Nuxeo Enterprise Platform, so that Nuxeo DAM can now easily be connected to a Nuxeo Document Management application or other Nuxeo EP-based application. Documents and files managed in a Nuxeo DM repository can be accessed from Nuxeo DAM without switching applications – or vice versa – providing a more unified user experience and smoother workflow. Fully assured and supported by the Nuxeo Connect comprehensive subscription offering, Nuxeo DAM builds on the deep content application expertise gathered from repeated customer successes.

About Nuxeo

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