nopCommerce: A Closer Look at The CMS Award Winner For Best Ecommerce Solution For SMB

nopCommerce claimed a highly notable prize during CMS Critic’s most recent CMS Awards, receiving the crown for the People’s Choice Award for Best eCommerce Solution for SMB 2015.


Some may consider the win as a small coup for the robust selling platform, as it overcame some pretty big names in the process.

However, I would disagree.

Since its establishment in 2008, nopCommerce has calmly carved out a reputation of reliability and robustness, winning some big clients along the way, such as; Cadbury, Puma, Reebok, Speedo, and BMW.

In light of their recent showing at the CMS Awards, and also after their inclusion in my list of, “Top 25 CMS to Watch in 2016”, I thought now would be a good time to take a closer look at the Russia-based platform.

Free, Open Source & Downloaded 1.5 Million Times

nopCommerce is free to download and totally open source. Notably, 1.5 Million people across the globe have already clicked the download button.


But it’s fair to say that many free and open source eCommerce products exist out there. What is it that makes nopCommerce stand out from the crowd?

Mobile Ready

In today’s world, people want to read, write, watch and even buy using their mobile devices.

nopCommerce ensures that your store is ready to make such sales, with interfaces that are conveniently presented on all mobile devices and in all resolutions with clear and up-to-date responsive design.

Checkout Flexibility

nopCommerce also serves up a variety of checkout options, so merchants can choose the system that best suits them.

Checkout types include; easy one-page checkout, anonymous checkout and much more.

Primed For Marketing

In terms of marketing, nopCommerce comes bundled with features such as; discount codes, gift certificates, product ratings and product reviews. Extra marketing tools are provided for automated statistics and content marketing.

Plus, all pages created with nopCommerce are compatible with major product comparison feeds such as Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Yahoo Shopping and

Multi-vendor & Multi-store Support

nopCommerce also boasts multi-vendor and multi-store support.

This means that nopCommerce users can operate a multi-vendor marketplace and easily re-sell items supplied by other vendors. Each vendors can enjoy a dedicated administration panel, keeping everything separate and easily managed.

nopCommerce’s multi-store support also allows users to operate two and more online stores (with totally different URLs) using just one administration panel.

Community, Extendability & Sublime Security

When it comes to open source products, the size and engagement rate of the community is vital. Thankfully for them, nopCommerce has that well covered.

The nopCommerce community thrives in the nopCommerce Community Forums, where users can reach out for support, share their nopCommerce projects, and even have off-topic discussions.

But the nopCommerce community does far more than just talk. They’ve walked the walk, too, coming together to produce more than 1000 third-party plugins, themes and language packs.


All of those expandability options (many of which are free to download and use) can be found via the nopCommerce Extensions & Themes Store.

And finally, I think it’s worth mentioning the impressive security track record that nopCommerce team should be proud of; in seven years, they have released just one security patch, despite having over 25,000 active stores worldwide.

Now that’s pretty awesome.

To find out more about NopCommerce, visit their website, or try out their demo.

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